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Traditionally, firms have elected leaders on the basis of their track record of building strong client relationships and big books of business, not necessarily those with strong leadership capabilities. As the businesses transform and adapt, it becomes more difficult to manage and there is a scarcity of next generation leaders with the skills to lead their organizations/firms forward. I provide consulting and coaching services to advance the skills of existing and high potential leaders.


Business development success is still an important criteria used by firms to elevate their partners into leadership roles, though the percentage of minority and women leaders remains flat. I help accelerate business development success and leadership skills through coaching of women and minority professionals.


In the majority of professional service firms today, partners aged sixty and older often retain primary responsibility for client relationships and for the billing of those clients’ matters. These clients often represent over fifty percent of a firm’s revenue base which can pose a significant risk to firms if the senior partners do not begin to transition these relationships to successors well before they retire. I advise managing partners and others in management, identifying senior rainmakers and clients that pose potential risk to firm revenue or relationship continuity. We then work with senior rainmakers to devise annual client succession plans, including the identification of successors and discussions with clients to be sure the transitions are going smoothly.