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Books and Chapters By Susan Duncan

  1. Building Enduring Client Loyalty: A Guide for Lawyers and Their Firms published in Globe Law and Business, February 2021. Can be ordered through Globe Law and Business (Click here to save 15%. Enter code ‘AUTHBEC’ at the checkout) or on Amazon.
  2. Role and Responsibilities of Practice Group Leaders published in Effective Practice Group Leadership, Second Edition published by Globe Law and Business.
  3. Culture an Essential Component of  Your Firm’s Future Health published in Human Capital in the New Legal Ecosystem, an Ark Group publication.
  4. Succession Planning published in Leadership for Lawyers: Strategies for Law Firm Success, Second Edition published by Globe Law and Business.
  5. Why Clients Demand Value and How Your Success Depends on Delivering It published in “Grow Your Practice: Legal Marketing and Business Development Strategies,” published by the New York State Bar Association.
  6. Growing Revenue from Existing Clients: Service, Value and Loyalty First, Then Cross-selling  published in “Law Firm Profitability,” an Ark Group publication.
  7. Executive Presence to Advance Career Success published in Career Development for Women Lawyers, an Ark Group publication.
  8. Steps to Build Your Practice and Be a Successful Rainmaker published in “Business Development for Women Lawyers,” an Ark Group publication.
  9. Client Relationship and Business Development Tips for New Partners published in “Success Strategies for New Partners: Making Sense of Making Partner,” a Practicing Law Institute publication.