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Succession Planning for Law Firms

We help both firms and individuals with effective succession planning. At the firm level, we begin with an assessment of existing retirement policies, an analysis of demographics and attributable assets and a review of the status and risks in client relationships. We help design programs and options for phase down, compensation, transition and support that can be customized to each partner as desired.

Building support among senior partners will be critical as will communicating the program to all partners. Following the firm/programmatic steps, we help individual partners and firm leaders identify successors to clients, practice niches and other potential knowledge or relationship assets, and design and provide coaching support around individual partner transition plans.

RainMaking Oasis helps law firms:

  • Evaluate the future needs of the firm and practice groups
  • Assess succession needs and gaps within current teams
  • Develop plans to recruit, develop and retain talent
  • Develop and execute a succession management plan
  • Coach rainmakers, leaders and senior partners during transitions