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Senior Lawyer Transition Coaching

Every senior lawyer wants and needs something different when considering phasing down from his or her practice, firm. Some partners are comfortable transitioning client relationships, sharing and transferring knowledge and mentoring successors or next generation leaders. Other partners prefer more autonomy and may chafe at firm policies that require certain actions be taken at a certain time. In addition, the concept of aging and leaving the practice of law causes significant anxiety for many lawyers who have committed their lives to their practice and their firms, may not have an identity or interests outside of law, and also may still feel financial pressure to generate income for as long as possible.

The RainMaking Oasis team works one-on-one with law firm and legal department leaders and with senior rainmakers, senior partners in management roles and senior service lawyers to help ease the stress of major transitions and ensure that sensitive and challenging changes are made with minimal disruption to the firm and client relationships, or the legal department. We coach and support senior lawyers as they consider transition options, explore encore careers and solidify retirement plans and contend with the emotional aspects of “next stage” realities.