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Training for Client Innovation Interviews

Due to the pressure from the business to reduce costs, the arrival of their own legal operational and procurement professionals, and continuing frustration that law firms are not efficiently delivering value and solutions, in-house counsel are more aggressively seeking or demanding new approaches from their firms. Before guessing at what innovations clients want, law firms should engage in a structured process for seeking client insights and learning to really listen to what it is they want and need. Members of legal departments should engage in similar discussions with their internal business clients. In order to develop the right innovative approaches and solutions for clients, we provide training to client-facing lawyers to help them engage clients in meaningful discussions around problems and how they’d like them solved. We help them:

  • Define the problem that requires a change of approach, process or staffing
  • Determine the outputs that are measurable and then measuring them
  • Look for ways to improve continuously
  • Determine measurable outputs and timeframes for implementation with clients