Collaboration Workshops for Business Professionals

As law firms and legal departments get larger and diversify the number and types of business professionals they employ, there is a greater likelihood that the different functions are siloed off from each other and not getting the benefit of shared and collaborative approaches, knowledge and best practices.  In addition, in law firms, the business and legal ops professionals often have restricted interaction with the lawyers that are interfacing daily with clients, and in legal departments, the same is true of legal operations professionals with the in-house lawyers who are interfacing with the business.

In order to facilitate better information and communication flow and establish ongoing protocols for collaboration, we facilitate half-day or full-day workshops or retreats for the various functional leaders in firms and legal departments:

  • Finance and Billing
  • Technology
  • Operations
  • Vendor Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Business Development and Marketing
  • Client Services
  • Client Intake and Conflicts
  • Innovation
  • Talent/HR