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Collaboration for Diversity and Inclusion

Law firms continued to be challenged to identify, hire, retain and advance diverse lawyers in their firms. Lawyers and other professionals of color often feel that they don’t fit in or conform to the firm’s culture and often leave firms. The recent focus on racial injustice and the disproportionate impact the pandemic has had on minorities in the profession has intensified the need to consider ways to increase awareness, address and celebrate differences and similarities and use these to strengthen teams and working environments.

Working with firm leadership and those responsible for diversity and inclusion initiatives, we help identify teams and individuals which may not be recognizing or optimizing the diversity within their teams.  As an accredited coach for the Smart Collaboration Accelerator® developed by Dr. Heidi Gardner, we use this assessment tool as a starting point to help groups achieve a better understanding of similarities and differences along the seven dimensions of Smart Collaboration® and to engage in structured dialogues and approaches that will foster greater acceptance, tolerance and understanding of diversity.