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Collaboration & Innovation

Collaboration typically has not been an institutionalized component of law firm culture. Firms sometimes misconstrue collegiality and camaraderie as collaboration. Given the disrupted world in which we are living, firms are struggling with how to be inclusive and to guide teams to being more productive working units. Truly effective collaboration brings many benefits to lawyers and law firms including better revenue and profitability, better solutions for clients, stickier relationships with clients through multiple touch points, more awareness about diversity and inclusiveness, and more engaged and happier talent. Collaboration breaks down silos and should occur across practice groups, across operations functions, between offices and geographies and between lawyers, operations teams and their clients.

Collaboration also plays a pivotal role in innovation and if firms are not effectively collaborating within and across departments and offices and with clients, they likely are not innovating successfully either. Developing innovative processes and solutions requires diversity of thought and skills. While technology will be an essential enabler of the transformation taking place in the profession, it is not in and of itself innovation in the delivery of legal services. We help firms and legal departments engage in productive conversations about needs and value and also how to strengthen their partnership.