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Strategic Planning & Change Management

Given the dynamic shifts occurring in the delivery of legal services, law firms will have to change in order to thrive or even survive. Making meaningful and sustainable change requires collaboration and strong leadership and firms will have to be strategic and deliberate in their plans for growth and sustainability. Firm leaders also will have to overcome the strong resistance to change that law firm leaders face from their entrenched partners who like most, resist change and even deny the need for it.

We help firms focus on the essential benefits of developing plans that are grounded in client- and market-centered research with goals that are executable and measurable. Recognizing the need for collaboration and buy-in to achieve adoption of new strategies and direction, we facilitate processes that consider and actively engage all stakeholders. Our process includes the following phases:

  • Assess internal and external strategic issues, market and competitive trends, collect input from clients, partner owners, other lawyers and employees, culture, values and vision
  • SWOT analysis and gap analysis
  • Build stakeholder buy-in and investment
  • Set goals, aligning values and vision, mission, objectives and financial forecasting
  • Create the plan and budget
  • Implement the plan
  • Evaluate and modify the plan