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Our experience with partner retreats ranges from full-event engagements to running only a portion of the retreat or serving as a keynote speaker.  When fully engaged, we help design:

  • Retreat objectives and agenda
  • Prepare or oversee the preparation of pre-retreat data and information
  • Coordinate agendas and programming for practice group and industry group leaders
  • Develop both informal and more formal networking exercises and options
  • Presenting/Facilitate portions of the retreat

Our active involvement from the outset enables us to customize each retreat and to involve important stakeholders in the process from the start so that the retreat achieves specific objectives that are identified and supported by all those who need to execute follow–up strategies and initiatives.

We also have been engaged for keynote presentations, half-day portions and moderated client panels for firms ranging in size from 30 to 750 partners, from single office to global firms on the following topics:

  • Business development
  • Client development (often using client feedback RMO conducted as a basis) and client panels
  • Cross-selling
  • Innovation trends
  • Industry group strategy
  • Market position and brand (using 3rdparty research as basis)
  • New partner orientation
  • Practice group strategy
  • Trends: the state of the marketplace, competitive landscape
  • Vision, values and culture; strategic planning
  • Women’s business development and leadership

In every instance, even in 90-minute presentations, we always incorporate active participation of all partners through exercises and round-table discussions.