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Business Development Training

In the last several years, developing new business has become much more difficult. Clients are pulling more work in-house, engaging in convergence processes and regularly using RFPs and procurement professionals to help select outside law firms. Law companies are expanding their reach and up-market services and AI and technology tools are rendering some previously profitable routine legal services extinct. Even the best rainmakers have had to learn new approaches to business development, and those who are less comfortable need to be much better at selling and growing business from existing relationships. Our business development programs teach lawyers about:

  • Tracking competitors and trends and using research to identify needs
  • Understanding and placing clients’ needs first
  • Being familiar with legal operations, pricing and project management
  • Making themselves relevant to the client/prospect
  • Articulating a succinct value proposition
  • Building and managing their personal brand
  • Making “closing” more of a finishing touch than a single event
  • Becoming a Trusted Advisor