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Client Loyalty

“Building Enduring Client Loyalty” is a Special Report published by Globe Law and Business in February 2021 and written by RainMaking Oasis founder, Susan Saltonstall Duncan. This book addresses the key components of building superior client relationships that result in greater loyalty and long-term success. Featuring case studies and insights from leading companies and business professionals responsible for law firm selection and oversight, it covers legal operations, innovation and client development, and includes a wealth of practical suggestions.

The report contains five core sections:

  1. The loyal client framework, which looks at customer experience and clients as loyalists;
  2. A roadmap, getting started and staying on the right foot with clients, which deals with trustworthiness, client feedback and dealing with difficult clients;
  3. Developing loyal client relationships, in-person and remotely, covering remote relationship development, key client teams/account management and succession planning;
  4. Earning loyalty through value, innovation and collaboration, including aligning value, convergence, cross-selling and diversity; and
  5. An appendix with tips and multiple checklists.

This book helps client service professionals and lawyers to gain a deeper understanding of a clients’ needs, become trusted business partners, build and oversee collaborative teams and implement innovative delivery models and tools.teyt6

The book is available through or direct from Globe Law and Business (Click here to save 15%. Enter code ‘AUTHBEC’ at the checkout). Please contact Susan Duncan or if you are interested in a volume discount.